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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create the Foodster Challenges?

Our Foodster Challenges have been operational since 2012 within restaurants, cafes, bakeries and bars. In 2020 we expanded our challenges and offerings into the home allowing those interested in cooking and baking to participate and create their own dishes.

What Challenges are Available?

We offer a selection of baking and cooking challenges. Visit our All the Challenges page to see our full line-up of culinary experiences. Some are ideal for the novice and others for beginners who are wanting to take up cooking and/or baking.

What’s included in a Challenge?

instruction/guidance, promotional package, social media guidance, promotion ideas, voting.

Can I buy Gift Cards for your Challenges?

Absolutely. Gift Cards for the Foodster Challenges make a fantastic gift for anyone who enjoys cooking. Whether it's a birthday gift, gift for your special date, mom, dad, or even a new home buyer - Buy a gift card here!

What are the Prizes for each of the Challenges?

  • 1st Place Prize –Taste and Sip Magazine Feature, Award Certificate, Award Graphic, Bragging Rights
  • 2nd Place Prize – Award Certificate, Award Graphic, Bragging Rights
  • 3rd Place Prize – Award Certificate, Award Graphic, Bragging Rights